​Daisy Ridley has been in the spotlight this month for good reason; uh, you know, Star Wars?! With 'The Last Jedi' coming out this weekend, the star has been all over promoting the film.


What people probably didn't realize, however, is besides talking about 'The Last Jedi,' she has also been wearing the movie. Literally!

The actress recently started working with stylist Samantha McMillen, who has been able to incorporate the franchise into all of her outfits.

For starters, Christian Louboutin and Walt Disney Studios collaborated for a Star Wars shoe, named after Rey!


The shoes are being auctioned off as part of the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative. Of course, Daisy has been wearing them.

She's also been wearing quite a bit of stars. 

This Monse dress is definitely from a galaxy far, far away.

Making a classic black suit out of this world, Daisy added star brooches to complete this look.

And for her last nod, she was particularly clever.

Wearing Louboutin heels again, her stylist posted a photo to Instagram, calling them "galactic."

Look at the way they sparkle! Definitely from another planet.

Looks like someone is definitely happy to be apart of the franchise, and how could you blame her? We'd wear all this stuff just as fans... If only we could afford it!