4 DC Characters That Should Be Included in the DC Cinematic Universe

DC has the world's greatest heroes.

Any kind of hero you could want, DC has one for you!  With so many characters, it's only natural that the DC films have a rich selection of characters to choose from. So we narrowed it down to a few possiblities!

Here are 4 characters DC should put into film!

4. Red Hood

The greatest failure of Batman has become one of DC's most popular anti-heroes.

Jason Todd was killed by the Joker, only to be brought back to life later. The trauma of his death left him jaded, and much more aggressive. He often clashes with Batman on the right way to fight crime, and put down criminals.

The Red Hood would make a perfect

3. Hawkman

Hawkman is one of those super retro heroes that still kicks ass.

With a history confussing enough to make your head spin, Hawkman is perfect to give a new origin to for the movies. Why not have him an older hero who is forced back into action? 

There are unlimited possibilities for a Hawkman movie!

2. Green Arrow

Green Arrow is one of the DC heroes comic fans love, but the average person doesn't know about.

He may seem like Hawkeye, but he is so much better! He has an arrow for everything, and a fun personality. On top of that, he has an intense romance with Black Canary.

Why not do an fun superhero romance film?

1. Supergirl

Why not give Wonder Woman some female company in the DC film universe?

Supergirl might be thought of as just the sidekick of Superman, but she is so much more! She has her own rich history of stories, and endless possiblities for film!

Who wouldn't want to see Supergirl team up with Wonder Woman?