​If it got her the part, more power to her, right?!

Newcomer Sadie Sink, who plays Max in season two of 'Stranger Things,' just admitted she might have told a little white lie to land the part.

In a recent interview with ​The Coveteur, Sadie said the role called for someone who could skateboard, which she couldn't do.

“They wanted a girl that had skateboard experience, and I didn’t have skateboarding experience at all," she admitted.

"They asked me, ‘Oh, do you have any rollerblading experience?’ I was like, ‘Uhh sure I do,’ which was technically not a lie because I have rollerbladed before. In reality, I probably haven’t skated for a year."

Okay, so it wasn't a huge lie or anything, and obviously she was able to pick the skill up fast!

The day she got the part, Netflix sent her a new skateboard and an instructor began teaching Sadie for three hours daily. It paid off!

We probably won't get season three of 'Stranger Things' until 2019, as actor David Harbour ​revealed, so make sure to follow ​Sadie and the rest of the gang on Instagram to keep up!