We already loved 'Star Wars' actor Mark Hamill for his talent, quick wit, and involvement in charities, but now we have reason to love him even more!

This one special act of kindness went under the radar, until a man began tweeting about it on Monday (December 4), seemingly to bring some positive news to people's timelines.

Writer Ed Solomon gave the account via Twitter of when Hamill visited his friend's terminally ill child. Try not to get choked up when you hear how it came about.

Heat Vision ​caught up with Solomon and the boy's father, Joe Sikorra, to find out more about their "beautiful experience" with Hamill.

"Around 1998, my son, John, was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called juvenile Batten's Disease (JNCL)," Sikorra began. 

"The disease robs kids of their vision first followed by cognitive motor function. Typically kids die in their late teens, early 20s. It is a very complicated disease and most doctors aren't that familiar with it. So we lived in the moment, did as much as we could," he concluded.

Solomon recalled, "Mark spoke to John simply and directly and with utter dignity. John would ask the same question three times in a row, and Mark would answer the same way every single time."


The story only gets crazier, because Carrie Fisher was almost involved!

Solomon continued, "So, Mark says are there any final questions, and John asks, 'Can I meet Princess Leia?' And Joe and I looked at each other and winced, and I remember Joe waving his arms to Mark, like you don't have to do this."

Hamill ended up asking Fisher the next day, who only had two questions: "Where and when?"


Solomon explained John's health unfortunately took a turn for the worse, and they were not able to arrange a visit with Fisher, who was fully on board.

We're so glad Solomon came forward with the story. Mark Hamill is a true hero.