Ever playing with our hearts, Captain America's Chris Evans creates a real reason to crave the reappearance of the Fantastic Four. "

Who do I talk to about a Cap/Human Torch buddy comedy spinoff," Evans asks. "I’m thinking 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' meets 'Parent Trap.'"

That's a legitimately good idea that's so stupid I thought only I would enjoy it. Disney buying Fox is the equivalent of two empires physically mashing together into a bloody pulp, only to realize they're basically the same thing. In any case, the separation of X-Men and the Avengers means that they no longer have to hold back on particular villains, such as Onslaught, nor do they have to be a certain company's scapegoat to why certain video games have flopped, Capcom. 


Evans, acting as both The Human Torch and Captain America in the past, could certainly "double-dip." 

With the deal between 20th Century Fox and Disney being announced as soon as next week, who's to say where the direction will go? Perhaps Chris Evans will be acting as far more characters than he believes.