Even though Netflix just revealed 'Stranger Things' would be coming back for a third season, we're still not over the second just yet!

Our favorite part? Dustin and Steve, obviously. These two stole the show becoming BFFs and the ultimate problem solvers. In real life, they're just as close.


If you don't believe us, you've got to see the new video they did with ​Glamour Magazine. The two visited the office to play a game of "Live Life Advice," where they answered fan questions about love and life. 

Fans asked them the funniest questions, like how to get over a bad haircut (Ehem, Joe, you got this one), what a cute song is to play for your girlfriend, and what to get your boyfriend for Christmas.

Things got more serious, though, like when the two were asked how to get over someone!

The cutest moment, though, was when a Twitter user asked them what the most attractive thing is about a girl. The pair answered in unison: "Sense of humor, intelligence, and kindness."

Hey Netflix, can we get a spin-off Dustin and Steve show? Thanks.