​We all know that Jughead is writing the events of "Riverdale." Nearly every episode begins and ends with him narrating the events of the week. The show claims he's turning the increasingly insane happenings in this small town into a novel. But a new theory claims these things aren't actually happening.

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Jughead is writing everything down to turn it into a novel, but it could be just that. Some fans think "Riverdale" is actually Jughead's book, and none of it is actually happening in the town.

When you look at Jughead's journey on the show, it makes sense. He gets to be the hero and date the girl he likes, who previously only had eyes for his best friend. He also reconciles his relationship with his dad, is accepted by a new group of friends on the south side and gets the best dialog on the show. That certainly sounds like wish-fulfillment fiction.

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More than just Jughead writing the best possible outcomes for himself, it would also explain how he's writing about some of the events he's not present for. There are scenes on the show Jughead would have no way of knowing about. The only way he could narrate them is if he made them up entirely.

We don't know if the show will ever reveal this to be the case, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. Jughead has had a hard life. In his shoes, we'd make up a better life for ourselves too.