​Luke Skywalker can't seem to catch a break, can he? After defeating the Empire, and helping to restore peace to the galaxy, he creates a new Jedi order to help ensure a lasting peace. Things get even better when Leia has a son with Han Solo, a son who is one of the strongest force users in recent history. A dream come true for Luke? Wrong! 

Knights of Ren

Leia's son turned to the dark side, transforming into Kylo Ren. Ren then led an attack on Luke's jedi temple, completely destroying it! This was done with the help of the mysterious group known as "The Knights of Ren". One theory has an interesting spin on this event, a spin that would explain Luke's withdrawal from the universe. 

What if the KoR are actually Jedi from Luke's order who joined Kylo in falling to the dark side?

Luke Skywalker

The theory states that Kylo's fall to the dark side caused others to follow, and then they joined together to destroy Luke. How likely is this to be true? More so than you would think!

In canon, the Empire employed Inquisitors, a group designed to hunt down Jedi survivors. The group was made up of Jedi that had fallen to the dark side. This proved effective, as it is stated in the show, "Star Wars Rebels", the Inquisitors managed to hunt down and kill many jedi. So the theory of something similar happening between episodes 6 and 7 is extremely likely.


If this was true, it is likely it drove Luke into depression. All his hard work, his dreams, and the legacy of the Jedi would've been completely destroyed because he couldn't keep his students away from the dark side. Is it any wonder he ran off to be alone?

It has been hinted at that we will get a better look at what happened to Luke's Jedi order in ep 8. Don't be surprised if Kylo led some of Luke's students against the Jedi Master. Is there anything Kylo Ren can't ruin? 

'The Last Jedi' will be released December 15th.