Selena Gomez is currently in London doing various press stops, such as a radio appearance at KISS FM and attending fashion events.

However, before Selena went out on the town for her busy day, this weekend, she took to Instagram in her hotel room to share a message to her story. Which has since been deleted.

The 25-year-old let everyone know she was in London without Justin Bieber, as he was nowhere to be found in the video, and her caption confirmed this.

Posing with her pretty blonde hair, Selena wrote on her video, "I need some alone time."

We have many questions. Like one, why does she need alone time? Time away from Justin because they got into a fight? Obviously, we're just speculating here.

But also, why did she then delete the story? For whatever reason behind the story, she regretted posting it enough to delete it. Very curious. 

Justin, where you at?!