​Not much is known about the plot or look of the upcoming 'Venom' film, starring Tom Hardy as the titular character. However, we got a first glimpse of Hardy in costume on Instagram.

See for yourself:

In typical Tom Hardy fashion, he looks pretty intimidating. It's not a full on reveal, but there are things we can take from these photos. 

For one, he probably won't be wearing classic venom outfit like fans are used to. 

It seems this characterization will be more in line with the comic book Venom from a military background and not as the disgraced reporter. Seems more in line with a role Tom Hardy would play. 


It could be this is Venom in human form wearing military gear before he goes full on Venom. It is known when he is in Venom form it will be heavily CGI. 

We'll have to wait until likely the trailer to see Venom in his true form. 

The film is expected to be released in 2018 and is currently filming, but we can't wait to see it.