​17 years ago, at the 2001 Grammys, Eminem and Elton John took the stage to perform a ​powerful rendition Shady's hit "Stan". It was a huge moment as John defended Eminem against accusations of homophobia. 

According to Elton John, the two are still great friends. In an recent interview on "The Graham Norton Show", John describes an interesting gift Eminem gave to him and his husband David Furnish. Check it out for yourself:

"For my marriage—when David and I did our civil partnership—I got this package from Eminem that shows you how homophobic he isn't...We had two diamond-encrusted cock rings on velvet cushions. And I have to say they have remained unused," John said.

Wow. Quite the gift. Eminem always has been one for a fun joke.


“He was accused of being homophobic by so many people because of his lyrics, which I thought was nonsense. I came out and supported the fact that he isn’t and I appeared on the Grammys with him,” John recalled. 

It's good to hear Elton John took the gift in good heart and the two remain friends. Could we see another collaboration in the future? 

Yes, please.