​With the fanbase it has, there's no way 'Stranger Things' wouldn't be renewed for another season. We couldn't jinx it and be too sure, though.


Well sure enough, Mike, Eleven, and the crew are officially coming back for another round! The way Netflix broke the news today was so funny and adorable, we just wish it was out already.

This morning, Netflix's official Twitter created a poll for fans to vote in. Their question? "Should we make another season of Stranger Things?" Um, obviously. They knew our answer already!

Before the poll could end, the account replied to their own tweet, confirming they would indeed be making a season three.

"FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH!," the tweet begins. We need to start saying that now.

Fans of course freaked out at the news, appropriately. 

This fan used a 'Toy Story' scene to describe their excitement.

This one says they "couldn't be happier" at the news.

Millie Bobby Brown is this fan's spirit animal RN.

So who else is excited for season three? Although we have no idea when it'll come out, or what it'll be about, IT'S HAPPENING! And now we can speculate endlessly what the gang will be up to next while we wait.