'Riverdale' is full of couples for fans to ship, and whichever one you favor, you take to the grave. (Ehem, Bughead, WTF is going on?)

However, one star of the CW show does not ship Bughead, does not ship her own relationship, and does not even ship any couple in the series!


Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie in the show, has fans obsessing over her and footballer Reggie's relationship. Even with this new weird love triangle going on with Chuck, we still ship Josie and Reggie. Good acting, we guess, because truth be told? Ashleigh isn't even a fan.

While talking to ​Entertainment Tonight, Ashleigh was asked about fan favorite Bughead and all the other couples, some that don't even exist *yet.*


"I do not ship. I do not ship! It's dangerous," the actress bluntly replied.

Ashleigh didn't explicitly say why shipping is so dangerous, but we have an idea...

Take how fans reacted when Jughead kissed Toni. Bughead fans: totally heartbroken. 

Actress Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, recently told ​Glamour Magazine she received death threats over the kiss. NOT cool, guys.


We all obsess over our ship, it's natural. But sometimes, it clearly goes too far. It's probably for the best Ashleigh doesn't want to ship anyone, not even the loveable Bughead.