​Selena Gomez has had quite the year. The singer began dating and broke up with rap star, The Weeknd, got back together with Justin Bieber, and had a kidney transplant. Ms. Gomez has also released numerous hit songs such as, "It Ain't Me" and "Wolves", which have been well received and played endlessly. Even though it has been one hell of a ride, 2017 still isn't done with Selena.

Selena Gomez

It looks like Selena will end 2017 as the "Queen of Instagram", meaning she has the most followers out of the countless people to use Instagram!

cheering Selena

Not only that, but it appears Selena has done really well on the 'Gram this year. Out of the 10 most popular photos posted on Instagram in 2017, 5 of them belonged to Selena!

Is it any surprise? Selena's popularity has been on the rise, not to mention how she has been in the spotlight nearly all year. Sadly, none of Selena's 5 posts take the number 1 spot. That honor goes to Beyoncé, with her maternity photo being the most liked picture of the year. 

Selena did manage to get the 3rd most popular post on Instagram in 2017 though.

Way to go Selena! You truly are a queen!