10 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Breaking Bad'

Although it's been four years since 'Breaking Bad' ended (yes, already!), we know everyone still binges in on Netflix. It's there for that very reason!

With a show so amazing, it's always interesting to find out interesting facts about what went into making it, and its lasting legacy.

Here are 10 cool facts even the truest 'Breaking Bad' fan might not know!

10. Walter White's House is Real Home

The famous house is a real-life home to a woman named Fran, who has lived there since 1973! She has admitted "a lot of artistic license" was taken with the property's interior by the production designer, but she doesn't even mind the countless cars who slow down in front of her house at all times. 

9. The Cast is Full of Comedians

Even though the show is nowhere near a comedy, plenty of funny guys star in it! Bob Odenkirk (Saul) is the co-creator of 'Mr. Show,' and Bill Burr (Kuby), Lavell Crawford (Huell), Steven Michael Quezada (Gomie), and Javier Grajeda (Gus' boss) are all stand-up comics. 

8. A Real-Life Meth Cook Named Walter White Existed

In 2016, a meth cook actually named Walter White was wanted by the authorities. The 55-year-old was on Alabama's most wanted list for manufacturing and selling meth!

7. The Death Toll is 270

The death toll of the show comes in at a hefty 270. Check out Buzzfeed's thorough breakdown of the most memorable. Most of them are unforgettable!

6. Jesse's Teeth Are the Creators' Only Regret

The co-creator, Vince Gilligan, admits in the official Breaking Bad book that Aaron Paul's teeth were too perfect to be realistic for his character.

"One thing that sort of troubled me, looking back over the entirety of the show: Jesse's teeth were a little too perfect. There were all the beatings he took, and, of course, he was using meth, which is brutal on your teeth. He'd probably have terrible teeth in real life."

5. The Heisenberg Hat Was Originally For Sunburn

Costume designer Kathleen Detoro admitted the original reason Walter started wearing the famous Heisenberg Hat is because he needed protect his head from the sun!

4. There Are 62 Episodes on Purpose

The series contains 62 episodes, which isn't unintentional. The 62nd element of the periodic table is Samarium, which is used to treat a range of cancers, including lung cancer.

3. HBO Passed on the Series

Co-creator Vince Gilligan explained when he pitched 'Breaking Bad' to HBO, it was the "worst meeting I've ever had." Besides HBO, Showtime, TNT, and FX also passed.

2. Jesse Was Supposed to Be Killed off in Season 1

Originally, Jesse was supposed to be killed off in episode 9 of season 1, and many speculated a writer's strike saved the character. However, co-creator Vince Gilligan said, “Everybody knew just how good [Aaron Paul is], and a pleasure to work with, and it became pretty clear early on that that would be a huge, colossal mistake to kill off Jesse.”

When asked during a Reddit AMA about how he would have felt if Jesse had been killed off, Paul said, “My career would be over."

1. AMC Wanted Matthew Broderick to Star

When doing castings, AMC was set on getting a star to play Walter. They were particularly interested in Matthew Broderick or John Cusack!

"We all still had the image of Bryan shaving his body in Malcolm in the Middle,” a former AMC executive told The Hollywood Reporter.

We can't imagine Walter White played by anyone other than Bryan Cranston!