4 Biggest Surprises of 'Justice League'

*Spoilers Ahead*

"Justice League" is out, and man is it filled with treats and surprises for DC fans! DC and Warner Bros. took four years to build up to the film, so they made sure to make it full of Easter eggs and references to past films and DC's rich history. 

The film also has some interesting surprises for fans. Even if it's just for a split second on screen, it means big things for the future of film universe.

Here are four of the biggest surprises in the film!

4. Aquaman is a complete badass

Aquaman is perhaps the most laughed at hero of all time, which makes how badass he is in this film even better!

Jason Momoa adds a rough and tough spin to the character that hasn't been seen before. the actor plays Arthur Curry as a tough loner who has no time for nonsense. Momoa is an unstoppable force in the film.

After seeing him in this film, who wouldn't be excited for the Aquaman film coming out next year!?

3. Steppenwolf mentions the New Gods and Darkseid

Darkseid is one of, if not the, biggest baddie in all of DC.

Steppenwolf mentions him by name in the film! When Steppenwolf collects the mother boxes to end all life on Earth, he praises the New Gods. He then goes on to shout his praise of Darkseid, confirming his place in the DC film continuity.

Hopefully this means we will be seeing the ultimate enemy in a DC film soon!

2. A Green Lantern battles Steppenwolf

We are treated to a flashback of Steppenwolfs first attempt at a conquest of Earth, with a special cameo.

As Wonder Woman tells the tale, she mentions allies from off world joined in the battle. We then see a Green Lantern in battle alongside Earth's forces. Though he is quickly killed by Steppenwolf, it gives the earthlings the chance to land a critical blow on the would be conqueror.

Hopefully the next time the League gets together, we get Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart as a new recruit!

1. Deathstroke Appears

Deathstroke, the unstoppable hit man, appears in the after credits scene!

In the after credits teaser, we find out Luthor has escaped from prison and has a meeting with Deathstroke. In the meeting, Luthor discusses creating the Injustice League, a version of the Justice League made up of each member's archnemesis.

Looks like we will be getting an exciting battle of heroes and villains in the next "Justice League" film!