We have a lot of mixed feelings about the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Premiere, and so does the internet. ​

Here are the hottest moments and the biggest flops from Episode 701:​

HOT: Everything Arya did

Winter has come for House Frey in the form of Arya Stark. Who knew we could be so excited about a small girl slaughtering an entire family? Everyone else seems to love it, too.

No sympathy for House Frey, of course.

Her speech was chilling.

Plus, Arya revealed that she is heading South to take on Cersei, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms herself. Go big or go home [to Winterfell].

Will Arya continue to dominate this season?

NOT: Ed Sheeran

Most fans agree that no one needed Ed Sheeran in this episode. 

His appearance really pulls you out of the narrative.

One redeeming part of his cameo was this new theory:

...And this theory:

Perhaps he fit better in another episode?

Sorry, Ed Sheeran. 

HOT: Sam Tarly winning at The Citadel

Sam puts up with a lot this episode. 

After what appears to be weeks of misery, Sam gathers the courage to ask for access to the forbidden section of the library, where he can learn more about White Walkers. Then, when he is turned down, he steals the keys.

His theft pays off, as he discovers a large amount of dragon glass - the key to defeating the White Walkers!

Make that "Sam Tarly will save Westeros."

NOT: Jaime getting ruined 

Soon after Cersei tells him not to worry about their last child committing suicide, Jaime gets a lot of heat form Euron Greyjoy. 

Euron insults him over and over again, and Cersei seems fine with it.

Jaime couldn't say anything when Euron basically told Cersei to murder him.

Euron also takes a low blow at Jaime's handicap.

This was a hilarious scene, but Jaime definitely came out the loser. ​

HOT: Sansa Stark 

This is a controversial one, because often everything Sansa says is wrong. She was annoying this episode, she has messed a lot of things up, and she brought Littlefinger into the picture. 

Here's the catch... She deserves more respect. She should have a more of a voice in Winterfell. She saved Jon Snow! People are not happy with all of the Sansa-hating.

An easy fix? Jon Snow consults with her before big decisions. Then she wouldn't have to confront him in public in order to have her voice heard before it's too late. 

More importantly, she is still resisting Littlefinger's nefarious suggestions. She really puts him in his place this episode. 

Sidenote: Did anyone see her eyes?

Why can't we all be on team Sansa AND Jon? Seeing them work together effectively would be great. 

NOT: The ending.

To sum up the ending in one word: Anticlimactic. Why?

  1. The show spent far too long on Daenerys's walk into Dragonstone. Her touching the sand was amazing, and seeing her on the throne was the best, but there was a lot of unnecessary time in between.
  2. The final scene sets up the season for a lot of action, but nothing actually HAPPENS. It didn't end with a major death or battle or anything!

Plus, what really happens during this episode (after the first scene, that is)? By the ending, the whole episode felt more like a recap than a premiere. 

HOT: The Women​

To end on a positive note, the women of Westeros crushed this episode.

As a recap, Episode 701 opened with Arya crossing an entire family off of her list, and then Sansa stood up to both Jon Snow and Littlefinger. 

Daenerys' powerful words were the best thing about the rather underwhelming ending.

She ruled the episode without even being in most of it. The episode is named "Dragonstone", after all, even though Daenerys doesn't even come in until the very end. 

Fans can't even decide which of these scenes is best. 

We expect to see more from Yara Greyjoy soon as well. There is so much to look forward to.