​Even though we all basically knew Selena and Justin were back together, now we finally have a source confirming it! You called it, we know.

We all know the timeline, we've been talking about it all week. The two reconnected when Sel got her kidney transplant this Summer, starting hanging all the time again, Selena broke up with The Weeknd, and now they're back together.

We literally never thought we'd see the day, but Selena lives on!

​source has confirmed, "Selena and Justin are back together. Selena and The Weeknd just fizzled and ended amicably - it wasn't dramatic and it wasn't about Justin."

"But Selena always had feelings for Justin. Her friends want her to be cautious because she has been in such a good place post-surgery," the source continued.


Well, we wish them the best! Justin has to gain our trust again after their last go-around.