3 Daenerys Targaryen Moments We All Relate To

Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most popular characters from 'Game of Thrones' without a doubt.

Her strength, determination, and personality have all won over the hearts of fans worldwide. She is also very relatable to the audience. Just as she grows and learns about the world around her, so do we. This leads to some moments that we all can relate to.

Here are three of those moments!

3. Getting the gossip from your friend on their love life

Who doesn't want to know the inside details of their friend's love life?

Dany discusses Greyworm's mission with Missandei for her to slip the mother of dragons some hints about the last night. Dany shows both shock and interest in Missandei and Greyworm's relationship before being interrupted by Jon.

Make sure they name their first child after you, Dany!

2. When your friends are up to no good at a party

Parties are always fun but we all have that friend (or friends in Dany's case) we have to keep an eye on.

While at a rather high class party, Dany notices two of her Dothraki up to no good. When she investigates she finds the two are debating on the best way to steal a golden statue filled with jewels. Dany quickly dismisses the idea and sends them off.

It's OK Dany, we all have our friends who get into trouble at social gatherings!

1. Fighting with your BAE's friends

There is always that one friend of your bae you can't stand.

When Khal Drogo raids a village in order to get slaves to trade for ships, Dany is horrified at the treatment of the women. She rescues many from the wrath of Drogo's men, which leads to a confrontation with Mago. The argument escalates as the two are brought before Drogo. Eventually Drogo kills Mago.

Good thing Drogo had Dany's back, it's never fun when bae takes their friends side.