4 Darkest Actions of Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the most iconic villain of all time. His status in pop culture has granted him a fame and admiration few fictional character will ever know. 

Vader has made countless appearances on late night TV skits, visiting sick children in the hospital, and can even be met happily taking pictures with guests at Disney Parks. However is it easy to forget Darth Vader is a truly evil and horrible human being. 

The list of atrocities he has committed range from minor crimes to horrific acts against humanity (and alien life) that match history's darkest moments.

Here are the four darkest actions ever taken by Darth Vader!

4. Torturing Han Solo and Princess Leia

Darth Vader has tortured many individuals as the Emperor's enforcer.

He would often torture for information, as seen with Princess Leia in "A New Hope". His most grizzly torture was done to Han Solo in "The Empire Strikes Back". Vader used mining equipment to torture Han for the sole purpose of using him as bait to attract Luke. This was successful as Luke sensed the tremendous suffering of his good friend.

Darth Vader watched Han's torture emotionlessly, only intervening to either increase the pain or stop it for the day.

3. Inciting the Ghost Prison Blood Bath

In the legends comic "Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison" a biological attack on the Emperor and attempted cue forces Vader to visit the previously hidden Jedi prison for its advanced medical bay and isolation to save the Emperor's life.

Vader takes part in the blood bath, massacring numerous prisoners. After the horrific night of combat, the survivors are drafted into Vader's personal service and the Empire.

By the end of the night the prison is drenched in blood with bodies and limbs covering the floor. Vader shows no empathy or concern for those unable to serve the Empire, instructing an officer to beat those unable to serve but still alive to death with a steel pipe.

2. Killing the Younglings

This is the most famous of Vader's atrocities, the massacre of the younglings during the attack on the Jedi Temple.

When Anakin led his 501st clone division into the temple, they were to leave no survivors. Anakin discovered a group of children hiding in the council chamber trying to escape the carnage. Once they saw him, unaware of his turn to the dark side, they came to him for safety. Anakin then massacred the children.

This action was one of the darkest steps Anakin took at the start of his Sith journey, so traumatic was this event on him, Anakin was later in the film seen crying over the action.

1. Massacring a Hospital

In the legends comic "Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of the Shadows," Vader is tasked with putting down a hold out of the CIS movement. This task would lead to his darkest action.

As Vader and one of his most trusted troopers make their way through the city, a lone child appears before them. Vader quickly cuts the boy down much to the troopers shock. The two reach a hospital where traumatically injured survivors are held up. Upon refusing to surrender, an enraged Vader massacres everyone inside as his trooper begs him to stop. 

After the massacre, Vader leaves as if nothing happened. The trooper later recollected it as an event that would haunt him forever, and how he could not comprehend anyone doing something so evil.