5 Must Try Elements of Kim Kardashian's Signature Makeup

Lights, camera and highlight! If you're trying to go for Kim K's signature makeup look, be it for halloween. There are some key products you need to have on hand. She has her own Contour Kit out, but you can still get the look without splurging. 

Let's go through some Kim's most well known elements of her signature looks: 

5. The give away: Highlight

It doesn't matter if its 80 degrees outside and sunny, or in the dead of winter. You better bet Kim has some highlighter giving her that expected Kardashian glow. 

Not only will highlighter give that youthful "I just slept for eight hours" look, but it'll flaunt your cheekbones even if your weren't born with naturally sculpted features.

4. Contour! Duh

Contouring and highlight are like ying and yang. You can't do one without the other or else you're throwing off a much needed balance. Contouring and sculpting takes a lot of practice and getting to know your own facial structure. Once you have that down you're pretty much half way there on your Kim K look. 

3. Concealer

Although concealer can cover up the most unwanted spots and redness anywhere, it can also make the world's difference in making you look awake and alive. We're still waiting on that Concealer Kit she hinted at. Kim herself has said it has taken years for her to figure out how to conceal her under eye area in the best way possible. 

2. Bronzer

Bronzer is very different from highlight in tone and in application! Bronzer is usually warmer in tone than contour powder so make sure you're not swapping your contour powder for bronzer! Especially if your bronzer is shimmery, it'll actually counteract all the hard work you put into creating a shadow under those cheekbones. Kim K keeps her face warmed up and sun kissed with a healthy does of bronzer year-round. 

1. Eyebrows

You can still fake it till you make it if you don't have naturally full brows to work with. Get a brow powder or pencil that's a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color and fill in with light, natural strokes. No squaring out your eyebrows or harsh lines for the Kim K look-- for Siouxie Sioux look, maybe-- but trying for some soft and full brows here.

While her look has changed over the years, (she's no longer sticking by her tried and true pink Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss 24/7) certain elements of her look will remain timeless. 

If you're going for her look, incorporate some of these products and applications into your routine too! While she may have gone full blown platinum blonde now, some things just never change.