​Jared Leto's portrayal of The Joker in 'Suicide Squad' has definitely getting mixed reviews, and Leto himself even admitted he was not happy with the way it all played out.

Now, Leto is admitting he hasn't even brought himself to watch the finished product! Is he that mad about the film? No, not at all.

According to ​Syfy Wire, Leto is taking the method actor approach, per usual.

He explained his reasoning as because "as soon as you watch it, that's when it becomes subjective."

He continued, "I just think with watching your own films, it can be too self-conscious of a process. You either like what you did and you’re prone to repeat it, or you didn’t like it, and it can make you self-conscious."

"I’m not sure how much win there is for me. But I read the scripts, so I know what’s going to happen."


Leto will return as The Joker in both 'Suicide Squad 2' and the planned Joker/Harley Quinn movie. Think he'll watch those? Probably not.