Why are we even surprised a clothing brand has actually produced this? At least we can give them credit for getting on this ridiculously fast. 

After ​news broke out Friday of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, fans have been searching for answers as to what the truth really is, and all the details.

Either way, Yandy.com seems not to care if the news is true or not, and are planning to make some sales based on the report. Of course!

The clothing store that also has a wide variation of halloween costumes is now selling a novelty ​sexy pregnant Kylie Jenner costume. It can be yours for the pretty high price of $59.95.

Yandy has also released ​sexy Jon Snow and ​sexy Harry Potter costumes. Seems like this site doesn't know their boundaries. But hey - if people are buying them, we guess they're winning.

The Kylie costume, called "Reality Star in the Making Costume" is a white dress, resembling this one she wore in an Instagram post.

Anyone planning on being pregnant Kylie this Halloween? No? Us either.