Since 'The Force Awakens' came out and character Rey was introduced, fans have been dying to find out where she really came from and who her parents are. Many have speculated Luke Skywalker is her father.

The obvious clue leading fans to this belief is Rey's connection to the Skywalker lightsaber, which was used by Anakin in the prequel trilogy and Luke in the original trilogy. 

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke in the series, even ​joked about this possibility

At Star Wars Celebration back in April, he and Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, were chatting on The Last Jedi panel. When speaking of Ridley, Hamill started by almost saying, "My daughter," before quickly changing to "my colleague." 

Colleague? Sounds like a serious mess up to us, maybe not even a joke!

Now, Hamill has replied directly to the question on Twitter, making us believe even more Luke is Rey's father.

A fan replied to Hamill's photo of himself and Sebastian Stan, in which Hamill joked about him being the 'Avengers' star's father.

The fan asked if Luke is really Rey's father, and Hamill actually answered!


We're thinking since he didn't deny the possibility, it's so the truth.