The countdown has begun for Avengers: Endgame and fans are getting more and more excited... well, they were, up until the Russo Brothers posted a video perhaps hinting that one of the most beloved characters dies.

The Russo Brothers, who directed both Infinity War and Endgame, took to Twitter to post a fan tribute video for Captain America, which is now leading fans to believe that the character dies in his fight against Thanos. Watch it below.

The video was made by a fan called iAmRookie, and touches on the love and loss in Captain America's life, seeing Steve reflect on it all as he fights with Thanos. The title is "Home," which has fans thinking he is going home to be with Agent Carter, his love.

Of course, this could always just be the directing duo showing some love to a fan, however there have been other clues that suggest Captain America dies. The biggest came from Chris Evans himself, after he posted an emotional tribute to his character when filming for Endgame finished (although the Russo Brothers tried to backtrack on that). In addition, a possible slipped teaser even came from Serena Williams, when she said in a social media post that she was sad to see Captain America die.

Fans will just have to come prepared with tissues when they go to see Endgame on April 14.