Let's be honest: Once Upon a Deadpool sounds absolutely insane. The idea of a PG-13 version of ​Deadpool 2 in which Deadpool tells the story of the movie to an adult Fred Savage, who of course is known for his child role in The Princess Bride, is pretty wild.

It doesn't sound like something more than one person can just come up with coincidentally, but somebody had the bizarre idea before the Deadpool sequel was even released. A comic book writer and artist recently tweeted that he had pitched the idea just last year. 

Michael Vincent Bramley posted the idea of using The Princess Bride-like framing device, even including a a role for adult Fred Savage, last December to ​Ryan Reynolds when the rumors of Disney buying Fox began to circulate. Bramley thought his idea would definitely work for the usually R-rated Deadpool to abide by Disney's PG-13 expectations, and would set a precedent for future Deadpool movies under Disney. 

However, Bramley has now had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Reynolds on the topic, and things have apparently been cooled over. 

With the amount of messages and tweets Reynolds likely receives on Twitter, there's a good chance he did not pay attention to the tweet he was sent nearly a year ago. But it is pretty interesting to think that two people can have essentially the same exact peculiar idea. 

Once Upon a Deadpool is out in theaters on Dec. 12.