There's been buzz around the amount of Game of Thrones episodes in Season 8 and how long each would run since Season 7 ended last summer. We had heard each episode would be ​feature length, running at least 80 minutes long, and now another trusted source is weighing in.

Following Iain Glen, who plays ​Jorah Mormont in the HBO series, revealing there will be six movie-length episodes in the final season, director David Nutter gave a similar answer when asked during a Reddit Ask Me Anything.


"Season 8 episodes will all I think be longer than 60 minutes. They'll be dancing around the bigger numbers, I know that for sure," Nutter responded when asked about how long the episodes will play out. As far as the amount of episodes, IMDB has listed six, but that could just be only from the information Glen shared, not HBO itself.

Nutter also answered a variety of questions during the AMA, from his first directing job to about the time he told Barack Obama that Jon Snow was dead. (Yes, that happened). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he revealed any spoilers about the final season, even reflecting on how "serious" security has been surrounding it.

Sophie T

However, Nutter did give us a glimpse into his first time directing an opening scene for GoT. "I’ve never directed an opening episode of GOT before until season 8 but I think it’s really important to make a splash," he shared. "You have to reset the table, put everyone back in their place, you have to take them to their next position. But you have to entertain that’s what’s most important."

Here's to hoping more GoT cast and crew do AMAs before April so we can try to extract any clues about the final season we can, and that each episode will be way past the 60-minute mark.

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