It seems just about every time Kim Kardashian posts something on social media, people are eager to call her out on what they believe are Photoshop fails. When it comes to various advertisements, Kim is also attacked for editing the pics to make her look more flattering. While the businesswoman has denied many of these accusations, it seems they will never stop.

Here are nine times Kim has been accused of poorly editing her photos.

9. Kim and Kylie Collab

The latest accusation comes from Kim and Kylie's photoshoot for their upcoming makeup collaboration, KKW X KYLIE 2. In one shot Kim shared, people believe her arm looks distorted, probably from edits to her chest to make her cleavage look better.

One commented, "why does Kim's arm look like a baby's arm?" and another said, "Fingers looking thicker than her arm and shoulder! fire that bad photoshopper Kim ! You can afford a better one!"

8. North's Waist 

It's a rather ridiculous claim, but people have been ​calling Kim out for a recent photo which shows her with her kids North and Saint. Many believe her five-year-old daughter was photoshopped so her waist appears smaller. 

Kim received comments such as, "Kids who are chubby are the cutest. No need to edit…gosh Kim…What’s wrong with you!” and "Can’t believe she photoshopped her daughter’s stomach."

7. Kim's Behind

Surprisingly, Kim has even been accused of editing her butt so it appears smaller. The reality star is known for her curves, but ​one photoshoot for her KKW Beauty line got people talking about how slim her bottom looked.

One user commented, "this photo is so edited. Especially Kim.." Another said, "where ur *peach emoji* go?" A third fan asked, "Why do you promote your enormous backside but then photoshop the photos to make you look drastically slimmer ??"

6. Kim's Eye Color

While fans know Kim's eye color is dark brown, many were extremely shocked to see her ​editing them to appear lighter.

​​"This pic has been photo shopped to smithereens," one commented on the pic, while another added, "Why did you change your eye color ?" A third wrote, "Brown eyes are beautiful too! Your eyes are not hazel, be proud of natural beauty."

5. Throwback Family Photo

Even when Kim decides to be sentimental and share a throwback family photo with her late father included, trolls have to come for her. They accused her of ​poorly editing her nose, as they believe it was bigger than in the pic.

Many replied to her tweet with various claims of Photoshop.

4. Calvin Klein Selfie

Even a behind-the-scenes shot from a Calvin Klein photoshoot got Kim in a bit of trouble. She posted a mirror selfie to Instagram, which ​people believed was edited to make her legs and waist slimmer.

People pointed out how the door behind her right leg looks a little crooked. One commented, "Am I the only person who sees the photoshop curve of the door on the very very bottom left thigh ?," with another saying, "The bottom of the door is almost disappearing in the corner of the wall!" A third commented, "What is going on with that suspiciously scrunched Calvin Klein waist band?? Looking like an old loose rubber band. Another epic Photoshop fail lol!!!"

3. Blac Chyna Selfie 

Once upon a time, the Kardashian sisters were friends with Rob's ex, Blac Chyna, and Kim took a mirror selfie with her. However, many were quick to point out how edited the shot looked, as the floor tiles are extremely slanted.

"Snapchat told me this was photoshopped," one commented on the post, suggesting the photo originally posted on Snapchat was unedited. "Wow photoshop fail," another wrote, and a third added, "U guys are stupid , this is photoshopped, u can see the dent duh."

2. Chicago's Eyelashes 

North isn't the only child Kim has been accused of editing. In one photo of her youngest child, Chicago, it was believed she photoshopped long eyelashes on her baby.

I think Chi was just blessed with these lashes, to be honest.

1. Got Milf?

Kim K sparked controversy back in 2016 when she was included in Fergie's music video for her song "M.I.L.F. $" For her part, the reality star posed in a shirt with the words "Got Milf?" on it, but many were more distracted by her smaller than seemingly possible waistline.

No one believed Kim's waist wasn't photoshopped, but she seemingly shut down the claims by posting footage from the shoot. Taking to Snapchat, she ​shared a video in which all can see her waist is that tiny.