5 Holiday Foods That Are Dangerous for Pets

Some of the best parts of the holiday season are the foods and drinks that come along with it. But while you enjoy that cup of spiked hot cocoa, you’ve got to be careful your pet doesn’t nab a lick. Here are five holiday treats that are dangerous for your pets, according to Vetstreet.

1. Coffee

​Any coffee lover will agree that there’s nothing quite like an after-dinner coffee on a cold winter night. Much like those at the kids table, pups, cats and any other pet will have to sit this one out. Caffeine can prompt seizures, abnormal heart rhythm and even be fatal to pets. Other caffeinated drinks, such as soda or tea, should be kept away from pets as well.

2. Bread Dough

​We know the threat that bread dough poses to the appearance of our thighs, but it’s much more dangerous to our furry little friends. Holiday bakers have to be careful of unbaked bread dough as it can expand in animal stomachs if ingested. In some dogs, the stomach can twist and cut off the blood supply, in which case the pup would require emergency surgery.

3. Chocolate

​A little chocolate never hurt nobody, right? Wrong. The sweet treat can cause seizures and even be fatal to our pets. Darker chocolate, such as the baker’s chocolate we love to put in our holiday cookies, is more toxic to our pets than milk or white chocolate. The toxic ingredients include caffeine and theobromine, a chemical found in the cacao plant.

4. Macadamia Nuts

​Macadamia nuts, which often are included in holiday cookies or put out to munch on during appetizers, can poison dogs that eat them. While poisoning might not always be easy to detect in a pet, clinical warning signs include depression, weakness, vomiting, tremors, joint stiffness and lack of coordination.

5. Alcohol

Think about when you first started drinking and how much less alcohol it took to get drunk, because you likely weighed a lot less than you do now. Well, your pet probably weighs a lot less than you did, even back then, meaning it takes much less alcohol to make them dangerously sick. Keep those wine glasses far out of reach from your pets in order to avoid any issues. Well, maybe not any issue. We can’t promise this will stop you from getting embarrassingly drunk at a holiday party this year.

This article also appears on Mental Floss.