​When news broke that Tristan Thompson had ​cheated on Khloé Kardashian while she was pregnant with their baby, there were two reactions. The popular response, especially from KoKo's fanbase, was to be incredibly shocked and disgusted. The other, however, was not shock at all, but rather knowing it all along. This is because, as rumor had it, Tristan actually cheated on his first baby mama with Khloé.

Tristan and Khloé were first spotted hanging out towards the end of summer 2016, when Tristan's ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig was pregnant. Many believed Tristan cheated on Jordan with Khloé, then left her while she was carrying his baby for the Good American co-founder.


When last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, Khloé was ​live-tweeting, weighing in on the cheating scandal and how handled giving birth just days after finding out. While many commended her strength, others chose to bash KoKo for allegedly being the other woman just years ago.

One internet troll shared photos of Khloé and Tristan together, claiming they were from the day after Jordan gave birth. Where this person got her information, we have no idea.

Khloé quickly shot back, explaining when the photos were actually taken.

But the ruthless troll kept going, adding in that she apparently dislikes Khloé for wearing fur. "You're a joke to animal lovers and women," the person concluded.

Khloé responded with an epic clapback, finding it hilarious the person who seemingly hates her has spent so much time following her life. Of course, fans flocked to the reply section, telling her not to answer such negative people.

While the timeline is a little unclear as to when Tristan and Jordan broke up and why, it's unfair to just assume Khloé was a homewrecker in the situation. It's not abnormal for people move on and start new relationships. Although Tristan is a cheater, we don't have enough information to find him guilty on this one.