Since the show's conception in 1975, Saturday Night Live has had musical guests, and cast members will admit it's sometimes a hit or miss experience. While there are musicians who the cast may love, there are some who are a bit difficult to handle.

Former SNL star Taran Killam spilled some tea and revealed an unprofessional experience with a musical guest after being pressed by Busy Philipps on her talk show, Busy Tonight. 

"There was a musical guest who didn't perform the dress rehearsal... And their choreographer was performing for them," Killam explained in the video below. 

He then revealed the anonymous musician did not even perform the vocals. 

"They just kind of mouthed it and went through the motions," he continued. "It was the oddest musical experience because it was like we were all at a friend's birthday party who wanted us to treat her like a pop star or something. And we were all kind of like, 'Alright, yeah, that sounds just the same. We're not at all disappointed in this. Cool, cool.'"

Though Killam did not give names, there's a chance he's referring to ​Rihanna. The nine-time Grammy award-winner caused some conflict in 2012 when she skipped SNL's dress rehearsal. And though her ​​reps at the time claimed she was "sick and needed to save her voice for the live show," her absence did not sit well with the show's producers, including SNL creator Lorne Michaels. 

​TMZ also reported that Rihanna's choreographer stepped in to take her place during the rehearsal, which all but confirms she was the performer that rubbed Killam and others the wrong way.

There's still a great chance, however, that Rih was legitimately sick that evening six years ago, and she just could not perform at ​her usual high level.