8 Most Iconic Kylie Jenner Moments Throughout 'KUWTK'

With the smash hit series Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiering in 2007, many of the family members were already fully in adulthood, revealing intimate parts of their romantic relationships, business ventures, and daily struggles. However, for the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, the show began when she was only 10. Throughout her years on the series, we've seen some seriously hilarious moments, some sad times, and overall, many iconic parts of the makeup mogul's life. Here are eight of the best.

1. Kylie Imitating Kim

In a very old episode of KUWTK, Kendall and Kylie play dress up and act like they're their older sister, Kim. Kylie, however, gets super into it while Kendall encourages her. Of course, then Kim walks by and catches the young girls.

2. Kylie Owning the Stripper Pole

Kylie showed off her gymnast skills in a very unique way back in the early days of KUWTK. When Kim gets a stripper pole, Kylie comes out and shows how well she can work it. It's honestly too funny to watch now.​

3. Kylie Getting Jealous at Kendall Modeling

​Good old sibling rivalry. When Kendall starts modeling and getting job opportunities, Kylie clearly feels left out. She basically has a temper tantrum to her mom and dad, confused as to why Kendall was getting all the attention.

4. Kylie Meeting Tyga

​For Kendall's 16th birthday party, Kylie and friends were able to get Tyga to come and perform. Although it seemed innocent at the time, the pair began flirting, which obviously turned into a full-blown relationship years later.

5. Kylie Mistaking a Pig for a Chicken

​One of Kylie's most memorable quotes: "Is that a chicken?!" When Kris surprises Kylie with a baby pig one day, she can't see clearly from atop the staircase and mistakens the creature for a chicken.

6. Kylie Admitting to Lip Fillers

​Finally, after what seemed like lifetimes of Kylie claiming her lips looked 10x bigger one day all due to simply overlining her lips, she admitted she had gotten temporary lip fillers. This reveal was honestly almost as big as her ​announcement she had given birth.

7. Kylie Ending Things With Tyga and Dating Travis

We had heard from the news that Kylie and Tyga had split and she was ​linked to ​Travis, but an episode of Life of Kylie confirmed what happened. Although she played coy on who she was seeing next, Kylie did reveal she and Tyga split and she was dating again.

8. Kylie Giving Birth to Stormi

​And of course, Kylie's biggest life event to date: giving birth to Stormi. We saw her pregnant a few times during KUWTK, and then we finally got to see her baby girl. All we can hope for is that we see more of Kylie, Stormi, and Travis in upcoming episodes.

From dress up to having a baby, we've seen Kylie grow up into a wonderful young woman.