5 Questions We Need Answered in Season 3 of 'Stranger Things'

Netflix has announced Stranger Things 3 will be hitting the streaming site in summer of 2019, and we even celebrated the first ever Stranger Things Day this month, but the third season still largely remains a mystery.

Not even David Harbour's recent Instagram post gave us the answers we've been looking for. Here are the five biggest questions we absolutely need answered in Stranger Things Season 3.

1. Does Will Byers have 'True Sight'?

​"True Sight" is the name Dustin and Mike gave to Will's ability to see "flashbacks" into the Upside Down. This ability came from the time he spent in the Upside Down as well as in the Demogorgon's lair. Once the Mind Flayer's shadow leaves Will, will the connection be broken completely?

2. Will Eleven's powers keep expanding?

Eleven discovers her new powers at the same time as we do. This past season, she levitated in the Mind Flayer, recovered more quickly using telekinesis, and had dream-visions of the Void. Will she keep discovering more powers? And will her current powers continue to strengthen in season three?​

3. How many more numbered children are there?

We met Eleven in season one, and 008, or Kali, in season two, but what about the rest of the numbered children?

The lab wouldn't have just picked random number to label the children, right? That doesn't seem like good scientific practice. So we assume children 001 through 007, as well as 009 and 010, all exist and are out there somewhere. Who knows, maybe there are even more after 011!

Eleven found other newspaper clippings of missing children, so where are they?

4. Why did Hopper's daughter die?

Speaking of children, when are we going to find out about the cause of Hopper's daughter's death? We started learning about Sara in the final episode of season one. Then, in the season two finale, we saw Hopper crying in the same stairwell that is in the Hawkins lab. Does this mean the lab had something to do with Sara's death?

5. Will Joyce and Hopper finally get together?

Joyce and Hopper have gone through a lot over the past two seasons, and based on their past romantic flame back in high school, we're guessing the two are going finally get together. As much as we want it to happen, however, who knows if "Jopper" will happen in season three or a later season.