We never quite know what to expect to come out of Kim Kardashian’s mouth, but I have to say I never expected her to say her husband smells "like a rich person.” It’s obviously no shocker that Kanye West is rich. I mean, he just a hired a ​private team of firefighters to protect his home from the Woolsey fire. But to smell like it, too?

In an interview with The Cu​t, Kim said Kanye smells, “Rich. I can’t explain it, but like a rich person. Like money, I don’t know! He smells like what you think a really expensive, Saint Laurent fragrance campaign would be.”

While discussing the newest releases of her KKW BODY line, BODY II and BODY III, Kim had some interesting comments about what each of her sisters smells like as well.

According to Kim, Kendall “has no scent – which is a good thing. She’s just always smells fresh and clean, and smells like a supermodel; exactly what you think she would smell like."

Meanwhile, ​Kylie smells like one of Kim’s “original fragrances,” which apparently is similar to gardenias and jasmine. “Kourtney smells like all-natural products,” Kim continued. And last but not least, “Khloé smells like rich oils; very fruity, but rich in scent.” Interesting.