7 Strict Rules the Kardashians' Nannies Must Follow

We all love gushing over the adorable pictures of the Kardashian kids on social media, but we never get a real idea of who actually cares for the children. Not even KUWTK, the inside look at Kardashian life, gives us a peek at that. Turns out, the nannies of the Kardashians actually have pretty strict guidelines to follow while taking care of the kids. Here are seven of those kinda crazy rules, according to TheTalko

1. No Jewelry

​The first rule comes from the Kardashian-West house. Kim does not allow anyone on her staff to wear jewelry. This rule stems from the traumatic moment Kim had in 2016, when she was tied up and robbed in her hotel room in Paris. As a result, Kim requires her staff not to flaunt their wealth.

2. Must Be Unattractive

​In order to avoid the classic "he cheated on me with the nanny" scandal, it is rumored that Kim K. has requested for any nanny she hires to be unattractive. We personally don't think she should be worrying about competition.

3. No Pictures

​The nannies are not allowed to take pictures while they're with the Kardashian kids. Each Kardashian is very protective of their kids, especially their child's images. A leaked photo could result in disaster for the Kardashians, and for their nannies, apparently.

4. No Reality Television

​If you've ever watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you'll have realized that nannies are never seen on the show, even when the parents are completely wrapped up in matters unrelated to their kids.

5. Must Comply With Strange Requests

​In 2016, details of Saint West's daily routine were leaked to the press and revealed some interesting requests for the nannies from the parents. After the toddler had dinner, his nanny would sing to him in French and give him an infant massage.

6. Must Work Well With Others

The Kardashian group just keeps growing, and they never stop collaborating with people on new projects. Not only would a nanny have to work with the parents, but also aunts, uncles, other children, tv crews...the list could go on for days.

7. You're Family Until You're Not

The nannies are with their respective families all the time, so it makes sense that they start to feel like their own family. Nannies are even brought on vacations with the families. But as soon as a nanny slips up or starts to slack, the family cuts ties.