​We've all dreamed of going to Hogwarts once or twice in our lives, as the magical Wizarding World is far beyond some of our wildest dreams. Although in reality, it's pretty unobtainable, as it's simply a fictional world, and it seems merely recreating ​Hogwarts in real life would probably be impossible too. Unless you're a millionaire.

​BigRentz recently calculated the costs of various fictional locations, such as Batman's Bat Cave, The Wall from Game of Thrones, and you guessed it- Hogwarts from Harry Potter.


According to their calculations, the castle alone would cost $169,740,000, as they point out that it's 414,000 square feet and in the style of the Windsor Castle. For the eight greenhouses, it would cost $175,000, and Hagrid's hut would come in at $400,000. And it only gets more expensive from there.

The Great Hall, which is 5,800 square feet, would total a whopping $870,000, and that's not all. For the Quidditch pitch, it would cost $1,031,980, and for the one-eyed witch passage? $2,490,000!


The BigRentz calculations come to a whopping $174.5 million! And in order to actually utilize all these awesome elements, a major chunk of change would still need to be spent. Imagine all the food to enjoy in the Great Hall, the textbooks to read, and the bedding for students and professors to board!

Thankfully, JK Rowling has ​clarified that ​Hogwarts students get free tuition, but we don't know who was responsible for the construction of the castle. If anyone wanted to splurge and build one for us muggles, let me know!