The reason we know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's three kids, North, Saint, and Chicago, are so adorable is because the two post photos and videos of them all the time on social media. However, although we see the three cuties nearly equally as much, trolls are accusing ​Kim of ​playing favorites, and liking one child more than the other two.

And the reason people think this is super unexpected. It's literally just from one social media post.

Following voting for the ​midterm elections on Nov. 6, KKW took to Twitter and Instagram to inform her followers she had voted, and shared a sweet photo of Saint. "I voted today for my baby right here and his future!!!" Kim wrote.

We're assuming she took the photo that day either before or after she voted, which is why she chose to share it. However, she's taking a lot of heat in her replies and comments section, as people are seriously accusing her of caring more about Saint than North and Chicago.

According to, Kim was hit with comments like, "Why only for his future? What does that mean? Why not for all her kids? Super confused lol. Can someone enlighten me?" and "But what about your two other babies..." Some even brought up the fact that her daughters might need more help than Saint, with one writing, "Yeah you kind of opened up a can of worms there with that one. Also, someone above made a great point it’s our daughters that are most affected in this regime."

It would appear some people are definitely overreacting. Kim obviously loves all three of her children, and we're sure she didn't mean to alienate her daughters by simply posting a photo of Saint. This is a reach.