​Celebrities endorsing political candidates has become common in the campaigning process. Of course, some celebrities steer clear from doing so to not alienate their fan-base, which may have different views.

However, ​Beyoncé has been open ​about her progressive views and support for Democratic candidates for some time now. She endorsed former President Obama during both his presidential campaigns, and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

So it comes as no surprise that Queen B showed her support for Democratic Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke yesterday in his race against incumbent Ted Cruz. 

However, many fans are upset at Bey's action. Not because she endorsed O'Rourke against Cruz, but because the endorsement came on the very day of the election, which fans believe was way too late to have any influence on votes for O'Rourke, ​who ultimately lost by just over 200,000 votes.

Others were much more blunt with their criticism of Bey's late endorsement. 

​​Even those who "love her" believe the world-renowned artist acted way too late.

​​However, ​the BeyHive was in full defense of their favorite artist, and clapped back at those criticizing the 22-time Grammy award-winning singer.

​​Many believe the blame should not be put on Beyoncé, but rather those who voted for the ultra-conservative Cruz.

​​Ultimately, we'll never know if O'Rourke would have won if ​Beyoncé endorsed him earlier. Considering how close the election was and the fact that Bey is from Texas, it is understandable to have the discussion on what influence she could have had. 

However, perhaps we should stop looking to celebrities for political endorsements and just vote based on our own morals. Just a thought.