​Nagini, Voldemort’s serpent sidekick and one of the most alluring dark characters in the Harry Potter Wizarding World, is returning to the big screen this month for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. But this time, she’s in human form.

In. Human. Form.

While the fresh take on Nagini’s character is what I am most anticipating from the Fantastic Beasts sequel, out Nov. 16, many fans are antsy to find out the surprise twist that apparently comes near the end of the film, according to Fatherly.

As the second of its kind, Crimes of Grindelwald is arguably more highly-anticipated, and some lucky fans were able view the film over the weekend.

Though viewers had to vow to “protect the secrets,” they were given permission to document their reactions publicly. A few fans discussed that there are "crazy twists" not even the biggest Potterhead could predict.

J.K. Rowling is urging fans who were given the privilege of viewing the film early to keep the specifics to themselves, and also is thanking her fandom for all the support.

In addition to the return of Nagini, the film has a few other references to the original Harry Potter series. Not only do young Albus Dumbledore and ​Minerva McGonagall have places in this film, but the characters also return to Hogwarts. We're looking forward to this twist ending and have high hopes it'll be crazy.