With hidden symbolism in every one of her styles, ​Sansa Stark has the most widely discussed head of hair on ​Game of Thrones, and the actress who plays her is no different.

Sophie Turner, the 22-year-old GoT actress, recently revealed that she had to start wearing wigs to play Sansa because dye was ruining her hair, according to Glamour.

Sophie began dying her hair from blonde to red for the role of Sansa at age 13. A few years back, the actress was trying to return to blonde after filming wrapped up and the dye job destroyed her hair.

“They wouldn't let me dye it back red or my hair would've fallen out,” Sophie told Glamour. So instead, Sansa started wearing a wig when playing Sansa. 

However, in a tweet on Monday, Sophie clarified that Game of Thrones was not to blame for the destruction of her hair.

We think Sophie's hair looks great no matter the color, but we have a feeling her fiancé ​Joe Jonas might like her better as a redhead, considering his ​Halloween costume.