​​Ariana Grande is the musical gift that keeps on giving. After releasing Sweetener in August, which is full with great tracks, ​the singer hinted in October that new music was on the way. 

And some of that music came faster than anyone could have expected, as Grande released ​"thank u, next" last weekend to much approval, after announcing thank u, next the album was in the works earlier that day.

​​And today, Ariana gave her fans all of 20 minutes to get ready for the music video for "Breathin," which is featured on Sweetener.

Fans have been freaking out for the past few hours over the video while it trends on Twitter. 

Ariana may just be the internet's favorite pop sensation. 

​​However, even though "Breathin" is from Grande's most recent album, the music video potentially gives a look into the future. Fans are speculating that one short scene in the video reveals part of the tracklist for her upcoming album that's expected to be released before the end of this year.

The short scene literally lasts one second at the 1:24 mark, and it shows Ariana waiting at a train station while the departures screen shows possible song titles from previously rumored tracklists, including "NASA," "Needy," "Remember" and "Imagine."

Fans are shook by the uber-subtle tease. 

​​During what seems like will be a short wait for the album release, you can spend it by enjoying the new "Breathin" video or continue listening to "thank u, next" on repeat.