If you're one of the few individuals out there who have not at least contemplated ​owning a dog, there's a great reason why you should immediately consider it. 

A study recently published in the Journal of Scientific Reports found that dog owners have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, along with other benefits.

Fox8 reported dog owners benefit from heightened physical activity, and, of course, support and companionship. For those living on their own, a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33% and chance of a cardiovascular-related death by 36% relative to individuals who live alone that don’t have a pet.

Homes with multiple people also see an 11% decrease in their chance of death with a dog at home and a 15% lower chance of death due to cardiovascular disease.

And though researchers found a benefit in dog ownership of all breeds, owners of hunting breeds such as ​retrievers, terriers, and scent hounds have the best security from an earlier-than-expected death. 

​​So if you're on the fence about owning a dog, just know it would statistically be a life-extending decision to buy or adopt one.