​Shawn Mendes teamed up with Khalid for the song ​"Youth" off his album Shawn Mendes, to get through to fans a message about gun violence. With the track, with a chorus that goes, "You can't take my youth away / This soul of mine will never break," the two young singers are adamant that nothing can take away the power and spirit of the youth in this generation.

With midterm elections taking place today, it's only appropriate the music video for the song dropped one day earlier, really cementing the importance of sticking up for stricter gun control laws into fans' heads.

The powerful video, which opens up with clips from the March For Our Lives rally earlier this year, includes Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg delivering the line, "If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking." 

The song then begins and we see other young people displaying their talents, such as wrestling, playing piano, doing ballet, and more. At the conclusion of the video, we learn their names, ages, and what they do.

Both ​Mendes and Khalid have shared the video on social media, as they urged fans to go and vote today. Khalid, 20, wrote in an Instagram caption, "Our youth is our strength. Our #VOTE is our voice," while Mendes, 20, posted a photo encouraging followers to vote along with the music video.

We hope the "Youth" video touched fans and convinced them to go out and vote this midterm election.