Stranger Things star ​David Harbour took to Instagram on Monday in order to ​encourage voters to participate in the midterm elections. Harbour opted not to post the classic “I Voted” sticker picture, and instead turned to the Jaws movie series to get his message across.

The actor posted a shot from the movie with the words, “The mayor from Jaws is still the mayor in Jaws 2. Be sure to vote in your local elections.” He captioned the post, “CLOSE THE BEACHES, DAMMIT!! #vote #america.”

In Jaws, the mayor chooses not to close Amity’s beaches, disregarding evidence that there is a dangerous shark hanging in the waters, which of course leads to disastrous results. As the post states, the mayor’s tenure in the sequel is why voters need to turn up to polls this Tuesday. 

Harbour seemingly was paralleling the shark attack to our current political situation. Perhaps this post will provide some needed perspective to some of the actor's 3.1 million Instagram followers on Election Day.