​We're just going to go ahead and say it. Kylie Jenner is the ultimate Halloween queen.

Over the years, the makeup mogul has sported some incredibly impressive ​Halloween costumes. From Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" era, to the Bride of Chucky alongside ex-boyfriend Tyga, Kylie always delivers with her looks.

And this year was no different. Dressing up in a whopping ​six costumes, Kylie killed the Halloween game. But probably her cutest and most creative look was with daughter Stormi, as one of their three matching costumes was "Stormi Weather," both a play on her baby's name, and making for totally awesome costumes.

Kylie dressed as a white cloud, as Stormi was a golden lightning bolt. And it turns out Kylie even helped make the costumes, according to ELLE. Designer Alejandro Peraza spoke to the publication on how the look was made, and how much it cost the almost-billionaire.

"She knew she wanted Stormi to be a lightning bolt," Peraza stated. "And from there, myself, Jill [Jacobs], and Kylie worked on creating the perfect cloud to complete the costume."

According to ELLE, Kylie's dress has a value of $1400, while Stormi's is worth $350.

Of course for Kylie, this is pocket change. It was definitely worth the money and effort in the end, because their final look was fantastic!