The internet has been far from kind to Pete Davidson ​since he and Ariana Grande broke up, throwing some harsh jokes his way. However, Davidson is apparently conscious of the hilarity behind going from newly engaged to single in just a couple months. 

The comedian has poked fun at himself, most recently in a teaser for an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. In the clip, Davidson, joined by Jonah Hill and musical guest Maggie Rogers, asks Rogers if she wants to get married, which she rejects. Davidson then replies, "zero for three."

And while Davidson and the show's writers may have found this bit funny, ​Ariana was not happy with Pete making light of their breakup. In tweets that have since been deleted, Grande wrote, "For somebody who claims to hate relevancy [you] sure love clinging to it huh." 

She then tweeted a very simple, but shady, "Thank [you], next."

The artist also retweeted and liked a tweet from a fan that read, "SNL is about to milk their breakup just like they did with the engagement."

Grande retweeting and liking the tweet possibly provides some insight on why the two broke up in the first place. Perhaps, she was not that comfortable with Davidson and SNL capitalizing on engagement for their own gain.

Unsurprisingly, fans are totally on Ariana's side. 

​​For Arianators, it's been a long time coming for the singer to finally come for Pete.

​​Once we get to the stage where the two are publicly shading one another like this, it can only mean it is officially over. Any ​hopes the two are not actually over may now be dead.