One of ​​Kim Kardashian's Halloween costumes got a lot of attention this year, but unfortunately for her it wasn't because of what she was wearing, but because of ​what she said about it.

Last night, KKW attended little sister Kendall Jenner's party dressed as Pamela Anderson alongside her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, who dressed as Tommy Lee. Kim documented her evening consisting of going around asking other guests if they could guess her costume.

In her series of videos on her Instagram story, Kim complained about how no one knew who she and Jonathan were dressed as, mainly because the guests were "too f*****g young." The KKW Beauty mogul was ecstatic when sister ​Kylie Jenner guessed correctly without even being prompted.

However, it was her comment to her former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, that fans were not pleased with. Kim said to Stephanie, "Nobody knows who I am...Yeah! Retarded." Fans immediately picked up on the offensive term and slammed the reality star for her insensitivity. 

​According to Us Weekly, Kim released an apology for her use of the word, saying: 

"I want to apologize for what I said in a recent video post that is inappropriate and insensitive to the special needs community. I try to learn from my mistakes and this is one of those times. Please know that my intention is always pure, and in this case, it was a mistake. I’m sorry.”

Kim has since removed the video from her story.