​Yesterday was a particularly dramatic day for Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, as just when their feud was seemingly starting to go quiet, it was reignited yet again during an episode of Apple Music's "Queen Radio." And of course, Cardi clapped back.

On her show, Nicki of course brought up the "Money" rapper, stating Rah Ali was actually the one who beat up Cardi during ​New York Fashion Week, and that Cardi once asked her to feature on her hit song "Bartier Cardi," to which she refused.

Taking to Instagram last night, Cardi then ​slammed Nicki and came with receipts. Addressing the NYFW fight, Cardi said there's security footage that proves Nicki is lying, adding that the "Barbie Dreams" rapper can't even keep up with the amount of lies she's telling.

Cardi then continued on for multiple videos, addressing Nicki's claims and debunking most of them. And Nicki wasted no time responding.

Heading to Twitter, Nicki said they could do a lie detector test to prove she wasn't lying, and that actually, Cardi was the one not telling the truth. She also suggested them doing an interview for "Queen Radio," or having them write a rap together, as she doesn't believe Cardi actually writes her own lyrics.

Her claims again were quite damning, but her final message seemingly put an end to it all. Abruptly, Nicki then told her fans to only focus on the positive, and that she won't be discussing "this nonsense anymore."

Surprisingly, Cardi agreed, reposting Nicki's final tweet to her Instagram page with the caption, "@Nickiminaj alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!"

So... is that really it? After all that, the major beef actually might be over.

Today, Cardi has moved on with her Instagram page, posting her new People en Espanol cover, as well as promoting her new single "Money." As for Nicki, she too has simply continued to promote her new single and music video with Tyga, "Drip."

The silence is suspicious, but we're hoping it just means both Cardi and Nicki have moved on.