​When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 to the tune of $4 billion, it was immediately followed by the announcement that the House of Mouse was producing ​a new trilogy of 'Star Wars' films to build on the legacy of the franchise that revolutionized blockbuster filmmaking. Fans responded with universal approval and mild apprehension that they might turn out like the loathed prequels.

Then Disney announced it was also making a slew of spin-off films that would build on the world created by the original series. Unlike the previous declaration, this one was met with widespread confusion. Theoretically, the only people who could possibly care about these '​Star Wars Stories' would be pre-existing hardcore fans, significantly shortening the films' possible audience.


Disney had planned at least ten projects, but only ended up making two. The first one, '​Rogue One,' actually managed to reach a wider audience by having a diverse cast, an interesting story, and having excellent action and cinematography. That set the standard for the second film, 'Solo,' which did far worse at the box office.

A much more self-contained film, 'Solo' was specifically for 'Star Wars' fans and was pretty standard as far as action films went. It's failure to turn a massive profit could be attributed to its niche appeal, it's distinct lack of Harrison Ford, or ​any number of other factorsIt didn't lose money, but did so poorly that it initiated a studio-wide freeze on all non-essential 'Star Wars' projects. 


While the upcoming and untitled 'Episode IX' was still a guarantee​only a few projects, such as the revival of the 'Clone Wars' cartoon, have managed to squeak through the freeze to see the light of day.

There was one project in particular that fans had their eyes on: a proposed prequel exploring the life and origins of Boba Fett, the instantly iconic bounty hunter from the original trilogy. However, a new report states the Boba Fett project is "100% dead."

According to the report, now that 'Episode IX' is mid-production, Kennedy and Lucasfilm are entirely focused on Jon Favreau's 'Star Wars' TV show, '​The Mandalorian,' set to air on Disney's streaming service.