​Last week, Teen Mom fans were extremely disturbed and worried to hear the news Jenelle Evans had been ​hospitalized following an alleged assault. Everyone quickly assumed it had to have been involving husband David Eason, who many believe to be a bad person. On Oct. 19, Jenelle's ​911 call was released, in which she confirmed David attacked her.

During the phone call, Jenelle is hysterically crying and confirms her name is Jenelle Eason, before going on to detail the assault. The 26-year-old reality star explains David had been drinking and assaulted her, even claiming she thinks she heard her collarbone crack.

You can listen to Jenelle's full phone call ​here.

However, much to fans' dismay, Jenelle was back hanging with David and posing happily as if nothing had ever happened just days later. 

On the day the 911 call was released, the Teen Mom 2 star ​told E! News it had simply been a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding." And now, she's released a video called "Confessional: Domestic Abuse" on YouTube in which she addresses the incident, and insists David is not abusive.

“I just want to let you guys know that I am completely fine,” Jenelle begins, claiming that staying off social media this week has been very "beneficial" for her.

“I know everyone’s concerned about me. I know everyone wants to know, ‘Is she OK?’ ‘How are the kids?’ Everything’s fine. I’ve been in so many domestic violence situations in the past that I would not put up with it now," Jenelle states. "So I don’t know why you guys would think that I would continue to say in this relationship if I was being abused.”

​​We're really not sure what to think of this video, but if Jenelle is really choosing to be with David (abusive or not), there's nothing we can do about it at this point. We wish her the best and really hope she is not in a toxic relationship.